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Divorce Solicitors

Divorce solicitors are experts on family as well as matrimonial law. They mostly handle divorce cases and the ramifications of such. Divorce in UK can be very simple to highly complicated ones.

The divorce solicitor is usually engaged by couples who would like to nullify their marriage. They assist the individual in the preparation of his petition for a divorce and the conditions or agreements covering the breakdown of the marriage like those concerning the children if any, financial assets and estate.

A document has to be drawn regarding the custody of children if the couple has them, the monetary arrangements for them, visitation rights and whatever provisions agreed upon. They can also prepare a Clean Break Consent Order or any other separation agreement.

The solicitor can also assist in the process of having the change of name. One can also file a petition for parental responsibility through them. These experts can also prepare or mediate the agreements for and acquisition of a Residence Order, Non-Molestation Order or Occupation Order.

There are many disputes concerning divorce and most of them deal with the children and properties. In order to settle the conflict, the advice of a divorce is important.
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