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Legal Aid Solicitors

Legal aid is the free or discounted legal assistance provided by the government of UK for those people who are in need of legal advice or representation but cannot afford it. The legal aid service has the capacity to provide disadvantaged and vulnerable people with means to access legal assistance for the protection of their rights.

The legal aid can be in form of legal advice for matters like employment, housing mortgage and other problems financial in nature like debts. Those who have accused and have pending cases but cannot afford the services of a private solicitor can seek legal aid and have legal representation. It is inherent in a justice system that an accused should not be deprived of his right to equal protection of the law. The accused can access the legal advice of a solicitor as early as during the investigation process by the police.

This also works for people who have grievances but cannot afford the cost involved in the filing of a case or the services of a solicitor. This diminishes if not completely eliminates the gap between the rich and the poor in the face of justice.

This was created in the interest of social justice and human rights.
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