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Employment Solicitors

Employment Law covers both the employers and employees. For employers, the employment solicitor can provide them with advice about their rights and duties as well as those of their employees. The employees and the employers can benefit from the expertise of these solicitors in terms of conditions on recruitment, working conditions, severance, forced dismissal or redundancy concerns.

They can draw up agreements, mediate, settle disputes concerning unjust labor practices, discrimination (sexual, racial, etc.), employment policies, grievances, contracts, salary scheme, mandatory benefits and the likes.

They can make employment contracts for both employer and employees to agree upon and violations thereof have to be settled. In case of violation, grievance procedures have to be in place for mediation and finally, settlement. The contracts can provide for the protection of rights of both parties.

The Employment Law is evolving and as such, the employment solicitor has to be up to date with the latest provisions or amendments to the law. There are provisions dealing with harassments in the workplace e.g. sexual harassment, bullying at work. Such concerns have to be addressed and a resolution of the problems should be achieved.

Awareness of the Law with the services and expertise of an employment solicitor can be a way to alleviate employment problems.
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